Artistry in its most organic state is simple, beautiful, and yet retains a natural mystery that can only be attributed to the result of incredible talent and hard work.

The colors and emotions that naturally exude from Natalie Taylor's songwriting are universal, simple, yet complex. Her music has made the move from a song, to encapsulating the human experience and sound tracking America's pop culture within the world of film and television- a feat that is virtually unheard of for an independent songwriter. 

True to the nature of music, Natalie’s musical influences are vast. Remnants of the sounds she grew up loving reemerge fresh in her songwriting. Hailing from just outside Birmingham, Alabama, her influences range from Americana legend, Patty Griffin, to classic country artists, Dixie Chicks and Jo Dee Messina. However, her "vocal training," as she calls it, comes from 90's R&B icons Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and Destiny's Child. 

Natalie has never paid much attention to genres and does not care to. That freedom allows her to be creatively fearless. Huge hooks, an impressive vocal range and true sincerity, coupled with the production genius of Natalie’s husband Jon Howard, touring guitarist for Paramore, results in the truly organic, intimate, musical blend that is the Natalie Taylor sound.

With music featured in shows including The CW’s "Jane The Virgin and “Beauty and the Beast,” NBC's "World Of Dance,"  MTV’s “Finding Carter,” "Scream" and "Catfish," CBS "Criminal Minds,"  and by major brands including Bare Minerals and Xbox, Natalie Taylor is a purest and she’s blazing a new trail to success in the 21st century. 

Natalie Taylor’s catalogue including the recently released Wildfire EP is digitally available on iTunes and everywhere digital music is sold.