He's going to hate me making a special post about him, but in my opinion, he deserves this and much more! 

This is a picture of us making my very first EP when we were still dating! 5 years later we have made another! 

I will never have enough words to say how thankful I am to this man. No one has a clue how many COUNTLESS hours he has spent on my music, always making it the best it can possibly be. That's how he is. He works harder than anyone I've ever known, and has more talent in one pinky finger than most of us have in our whole body! You inspire me, and being around someone like you, can only force me to be better. 

This EP is great and I'm proud of us, but I'm more proud of the journey that got us here. I love you! Happy EP day!

P.s. For the record, I DO make sure his pretzels are FULLY stocked at all times